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Starting at an early age (OK, maybe not THAT early), B Shawn Cark indulged a passion for writing at every opportunity throughout his life. Named after American short story writer and poet Bret Harte, as a young man Clark began by writing short stories, poetry and prose, and, on occasion, dramatic presentations.  At the age of 10, he wrote, directed and co-stared (as the female lead) in an adaptation of a well-known Shakespearian work he re-titled Roneo and Julie, produced out of his next-door neighbor’s garage, making use of bed sheets hanging from clothesline to create a modernistic set for the play.

Portrait of the Author as a Young Man . . .

As with many undiscovered authors, Clark toiled away in obscurity, keeping much of his creative work  hidden from view as he concentrated on his “day job”.  In his case, that meant spending most of his time writing briefs, going to court, and doing the things that lawyers do.

Hanging at the Crib in Wisconsin

Beginning in 2013, Clark began manifesting himself more as a full-time author and less-time as a practicing lawyer, rather than the other way around.  He took up residence in a self-styled “Man Cave” in a wooded area on Gottfried Creek in the sleepy seaside town of Englewood, surrounded by nature and wildlife (not counting those kids next door).   

There he is intent upon reprising the role of Thoreau, creating a new genre of literary work by a life-long author trapped in the body of a lawyer.  Find out more HERE.

. . . Emergent as a New Literary Voice


Civil Rights Attorney (“William Kunstler of Miami”)

Host, You and the Law (WLRN - PBS affiliate in Miami)

Author, legal briefs resulting in multiple published opinions

Ogden Gnashed his Teeth (Book-Length Poetry Collection)

Co-Producer, Writer & Narrator, Battle for Biscayne Boulevard (Mini-Documentary)

Author, Countdown: Top Ten Environmental Songs of All Time (New Southerner)

Screenplays: Photo Finish, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, and film adaptations

Large cache of poetry (award for The Great Escape – Florida State Poets Association)

Author, 20/20 (“Historical” fiction as told by a protagonist living in the future)

Short stories: Path to Enlightenment, The Great Escape, Meet Me in Casadega, Plains Spoken

Non-Fiction: Four Tasks (Field Manual for Negotiating the Pathway to Adulthood)

Non-Fiction: How to Save the World (in Twelve Easy Steps)

Commentator, Disqus platform (Over 3100 posts to date with almost 4,000 up votes)

Websites: PlanetEnglewood.Com, WebNetLawyer.Com, & BShawnclark.Com